What is Marketing? Marketing is the upgrowth and implementation of a brand. The goal is to prepare the company and the brand in the market, buyers and sellers. Marketing includes advertising, sales, public relations, planning, research, etc.


We use marketing as a way to develop good advertising campaigns. Through extensive research and planning, we will effectively find your potential customers. We guide you through our process: consulting, creative design and execution to develop an effective and creative advertising campaign.

Mikevicone offers an online sales and marketting training for individuals and businesses. Companies can benefit from personalized training to improve the skills of their employees. Not only are you trained, but our savvy leaders will also implement the practical application of this knowledge in your daily life, your job and ultimately show you how to make a living with the knowledge gained.


We train with powerful analytics software and data to fully understand your audience and activities in all areas of digital marketing. We also train on effective paid marketing strategies, such as email marketing, pay per click (PPC) - Google Adwords, campaigns to target and retarget major search engines and social media platforms to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Based on our knowledge, we provide personalized training on digital marketing services to increase your visibility online so that your message is heard loud and clear from people interested in your products and services, and therefore higher conversions.