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 A Complete Guide to SEO provides an extensive overview of everything you need to know to be successful at search engine optimization today.

SEO is a fast-paced and dynamic field. It can also sometimes be frustrating, especially if you’re relying on outdated tactics that no longer work.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to stay well-informed and learn continuously.

SEO is also more complex than ever in 2020.

It takes more than just building links, creating any old content, and adding a few keywords to improve your organic search rankings and increase the visibility of your business or brand.

You need to keep track of and understand:

Emerging trends (e.g., voice search).
Algorithmic changes.
Technological advancements (e.g., machine learning).
Your audience (e.g., how they behave and what they want).
So how do you develop an SEO strategy to dominate your competition in Google and other search engines?

Because, ultimately, SEO isn’t only about being found on search engines and driving traffic to your website. It’s about providing a great experience and generating leads and revenue.

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