Partnering with savvy entrepreneurs, we make e-commerce activities engaging, fun, satisfying, and profitable for both our clients and their clients.

We understand what our clients want. Statistics show that 25% of the world population, which stood at 7.7 billion as of the end of 2020 are online consumers. Putting that in perspective; over 2.5 billion people have made eCommerce transactions at one time or the other, either regularly or occasionally.

Our clients want to have a fair share of this market which facilitated the exchange of around $3.5 trillion in 2019. The ecommerce sector is not about to relent in growing. It has been projected to make $4.9 trillion in 2021. We cannot afford to ignore the potentials offered by such a boom and you too dare not.

By the way, what is eCommerce?

What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce is often used in connection with online sales. It is a concept that gives the produce sellers and service providers simple ways to increases their sales by means of online commerce, thereby boosting their revenues with all ease. These days, people have come to appreciate selling online, not just in a region but the world over.

Therefore, eCommerce, or in the fuller term, electronic commerce describes transactions taking place via the Internet. You engage in eCommerce when you sell goods and services online. But it also describes the activities of online buyers.

Your business may choose to focus entirely on eCommerce to get your goods and services to your consumers and clients. You may also choose to combine brick-and-mortar retailing with eCommerce online.

Origin of eCommerce

The world witnessed the first eCommerce transaction in 1994 when a buyer known as Phil Brandenberger bought goods worth $12.48 online using his Mastercard. That was the first time encryption technology was used to purchase on the Internet. That transaction signaled to the world the opening of the Internet.

Ever since then, the number of online transactions and e-commerce jobs has continued to rise. The entrance of giant companies like Amazon and Alibaba to the ecommerce sector in the mid-1990s transformed the lot of ecommerce as a retail industry. Thanks to the successful penetration of the Internet into the financial system and its digitalization, eCommerce has opened up and promises to displace traditional retailing.


Types of eCommerce business

and services to You can choose your own model from the following types of ecommerce transactions.

F The sales of physical goods: These are stores where you can order accessories, stores, furniture, and clothing, etc.

F Those selling digital products: These include the sales of e-goods such as eBooks, graphics, online courses, software, and virtual goods.

F Service-based e-tailers: These are eCommerce stores where individuals with skills can come over to be hired by those needing their services. This is the best ecommerce for freelancers.

F B2C: This is the business-to-consumer eCommerce model. It's all about transactions between businesses and individual consumers. This mostly deals with the sales of physical goods.

F B2B: This eCommerce model facilitates business-to-business transactions. In this kind of eCommerce, businesses provide others with products or services.

F C2B: This eCommerce model facilitates consumer-to-business dealings. In this type of transaction, it’s the consumers that provide businesses with products or services and help businesses improve their profit.

F C2C: Consumer to consumer eCommerce model refers to the meetings of the two parties who are involved in consumer trade.

F G2B: This is the type of eCommerce in which the government-to-business model is made possible when governments provide businesses with goods and services.

F B2G: This refers to the business to government transactions. It's a situation whereby businesses provide goods to governments.

F C2G: This is a common eCommerce type that is often seen when consumers pay to the government for essential services or goods in form of tax, bills, and levies. It's the consumer-to-government model.

Discuss with us here to assure yourself of which one is the most fitting for you. We can give you more insight into each of them. 

Who can have an eCommerce website?

You can! And just anyone like you can begin an eCommerce business. Once you understood what eCommerce entails, you can start building your own eCommerce business and website. You will soon start to notice your progress in weeks, months, and years. As you can see from the discussion of types of eCommerce, some can be easier to build. But the knowledge of the industry and the type will make it easier for anyone.

You have a great companion in Mikevicone. We pride in assisting businesses to build, launch, and grow their eCommerce. We will work with you if you have the desire, time, resources, and passion that will drive you to put in some work. We can discuss more if you talk to us today.

Why eCommerce for you?

We are sure you are seriously considering the eCommerce business because you have seen why it's great for you. First, you have no much barrier in terms of investment. No matter how little you have, you can start something and still get some results in eCommerce. You are not concerned with most of the running costs of brick-and-mortar businesses.

Another great thing about eCommerce for you is that your audience has no limit. It's not for those who can physically reach your store or to who you can personally deliver goods. You can reach the whole world if you want to make them your target market. You are also not limited in what can be bought or sold in your store.

Therefore, you can start your own eCommerce business TODAY, and let’s help you through the process. You don’t have to wait till when you have a lot of skills or money. You can turn your ideas, resources, and inspiration into something real and tangible.

How to have or improve an eCommerce website

Our clients are by no means limited to owners of eCommerce websites. We are here to serve also those whose eCommerce business is not bringing the desired result. We will help diagnose the threat to the business and discover if there has been a poor deployment of strategies. We will determine what to do to help out.

At Mikevicone, we can support you with additional advice or insights. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to starting a new eCommerce project, we have professionals to discuss with you and guide you through. We are here to help. Kindly Talk to us today. We have experienced eCommerce gurus who not only assist to build and design an eCommerce website but also helps solve any issues cropping up.

They will help with the right implementable strategies that can support you to keep pace with this fast-growing industry. You will be guided through search engine optimization, progress tracking, product promotion, or branding.

Our team at Mikevicone will be happy to help and work with you to have your eCommerce businesses thrive and prosper.


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