We seek to understand our clients’ needs and that is why we are their trusted partners.


As web developers, our clients expect us to dig deep and probe into their business objectives, goals, and issues. We do process auditing and imagining so as we are elucidating strategies. Doing so, we are able to build for our client's websites that suit their business needs while being completely transparent about the cost.

The knowledge thus gain also helps us to rebuild an existing website that is currently not suitable and not working towards achieving the organization’s goals. Our clients depend on us to develop reliable systems engaging the most bulletproof software available in the industry.

As practical innovators, they count on us to determine new technologies as we can be sure they guarantee long-term value for the investment.

 What is web development?

The development of websites or web-based tools for clients is the major thrust of web development. It involves coordination with a project manager or developer, design team, and strategist so that specifications and will be met and appropriate technologies will be deployed or recommended. And that is what we know how to do best at Mikevicone.

Who is a web developer?

We could tell if we saw a web developer or a potential one. That's why we undertake the training of those who may qualify as one. If you want to learn to be a web developer, Talk to us today

 What does a web developer do?

A web developer is someone who does programming, graphic designing, database administration, and app development among others. A contracted web developer usually schedules meetings with a client and attends such meetings upon invitation to have real insights into the key needs requirements of the organization. Budgeting is a key skill a web developer has to learn. At Mikevicone, we usually come up with various budget estimates with flexible conditions based on the number and level of expertise required for each project.

For instance, consider how we handle databases and applications. Our services as web developers involve assisting with the structured container called a database, which holds all data regarding your business, such as product information, client engagement, employees, processes, procedures, orders, and shipment, and so on. What makes up your database is often referred to as the "back end" (BE). The back-end serves as the foundation for a house and can be interacted with without any special software.

On the other hand, the “front-end” (FE) refers to an application that you use to manipulate the back-end database or to simply view it. You will use this on screens, forms, reports, and lists including logic and validation.

Working with us, you have your whole system in your full control—you get your FE application and BE data working together for you. Learn more about this here.

 How to be a web developer

Organizations who want to have their staff trained in web development can benefit from our training programs by reaching us here. We will take any registrant through courses in web design, networking, software programming, and graphic designing, and so on.

Quality of database certain

We will show you how to tell if your database is of high quality. How can you tell? We will teach you what you look for in design, consistency, tables, diagrams, and images. You will learn to identify if there are real relationships between tables so that referential integrity is guaranteed. Our review of the back-end will reveal to us almost immediately the quality of the features.

We will also show you when to use a web or desktop application to access your work. For instance, web applications have a wider variety of features making them more easily accessible offsite than desktop applications. Don't worry about the cost; we can work things out to arrive at a comfortable payment plan.

Who needs a web developer and why?

You! Every business owner needs a web developer either as a part of their departmentalization or as an outsourced operation. A successful business needs a website for several obvious reasons. And the website must be functional and secure if the purpose is not to be defeated. You need a creative and innovative team of web developers. That is what we are at Mikevicone Innovation. We build, develop and transform your website to make you more visible and bring you closer to your audience.

Custom application versus a software package

It all depends on you and your business needs. You may have a software package that fits your need which you can subscribe to. However, each organization is unique! Building a custom application may give you a lot of room to plan uniquely and allow more versatility that you may not get from off-the-shelf software. That’s one of the advantages of our consultancy services.

Talk to us today for that before you make the final decision on that. You will surely benefit immensely from the market research we shall make for you. We sometimes provide technical support on our clients’ existing systems even when we are not the builder. Since we have a wide range of expertise, your system likely uses technologies that fall within our expertise.

Since we personalize our dealings, you can talk to us today for various options as we serve your own specific needs.

Talk to us today here for your web development and similar tasks.


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