Do you have a supermarket? Are you interested in upgrading your retail outlet to a supermarket status? Then, you need to pay serious attention to payment methods. We at Mikevicone are your partners in progress, you can entrust us with your payment needs. If you want to assure your heart that this is the case, that we can be in the same team, contact us here. The partnership we provide for supermarkets has been extended to the supply and servicing of Point of Sale (PoS) machines.

 Just what is PoS?

This is the kind of transaction that takes place between a retailer and a customer with the payment made on the point of sale of the goods or services. The PoS system is also called a PoS terminal. It should be noted though that a PoS terminal can be described as the electronic equipment designed to perform the sales transaction while processing the credit card payments.

If this is what you are looking for, we will be glad to assist you. Many storefront businesses used this in combination with a computer terminal that has PoS software installed on it to help in managing daily sales transactions and operations.

 What Our PoS Can Do for You

PoS can help you in intelligent inventory management: If you are running a busy supermarket or one that you hope would service throngs of customers, you should be ready for hectic inventory management as you deal with thousands of transactions daily. We can supply you with a PoS solution that is designed to transform your inventory management into a strength, giving you some competitive advantage. By just checking the transaction records on the machine, you can track what is in each pallet, case, roll, box, and so on. You can set up activities such as reorder instruction, vendor management, and other functions of inventory management.

Our PoS can help you stay connected and fully go mobile: There are mobile-based hardware options for PoS that enhance mobility by allowing your team to take the PoS assigned to each of them to their buyers anywhere on the supermarket floor. So during high traffic periods, you can run speedy checkout points, answer customers’ questions and do inventory tracking. We can even take it further by making it possible to utilize remote login to make it possible to track your business performance anywhere anytime.

Customized solutions for those who need it

Those who may need it include the supermarket that runs a specialty section. Mikevicone can design a custom solution that will address every aspect of your business. We can provide for you integrated scale-technology that makes it easy to sell or achieve any of your organization goals, Request a quote today.

You can have both cloud and local databases, giving the best of both worlds. Your PoS can continue to work even when the Internet goes down. You can log in from anywhere and access your data and reporting.

You can have a simple user experience by training your employees to enjoy a simple user experience. They will be trained in no time on how to easily run the transaction and manage your backend with a kind of user-friendly interface that makes life easier for you, them, and customers.

You will also get from our PoS service powerful business tools that will give your business access to some advantages including greater analytics for the smarter decision-making process and custom loyalty plans that will enhance continuous patronage without eating into your profit.  

Our customer care is awesome. We have taken our customer support to another level. You will be treated as if you were assigned a personal account manager dedicated to your business.

We will provide for you the PoS that accepts all payments so that customers will have access to different payment options from different platforms. Thus, you will be able to process any one of credit, debit, or any other payment system and will not need to turn down any customer.


The following is a summary of the most attractive features of our retail PoS should offer your supermarket:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Credit card processing
  • Multi-store scalability (provided you have or are planning to have multiple locations)
  • Product variants
  • Color and size matrixing
  • Employee commissions
  • Customer database
  • Purchase orders
  • Gift registry and layaways
  • Sales reporting
  • Hardware integrations like barcode scanners and digital scales
  • Software/hardware support
  • Software customization
  • Mobile and cloud-based technology


We don't end it at just the sale of these machines. We also help in the maintenance of the machines and the entire PoS system.

Mikevicone can also recommend for you the technology you should consider adopting in the PoS system for your supermarket.


The onus now falls on you to make decisions. You can contact us here and let’s supply you with all that we can do.

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