We no longer need to preach to anyone that he should get an app for his business. However, we likely still have some business owners who are yet to appreciate how an app can help them to take their business operations and transactions to the next level and put them on a higher, stronger and more stable pedestal. 




At Mikevicone, we build apps that come pre-loaded with templates perfectly fitting for our clients’ businesses. Once we understand their business types, goals, clients, and objectives, we are good to build apps that will do the job for them. These might cater to their present or future needs and even sometimes beyond what the business owners can envisage.

Our team of experts will first conduct a work-study of your business to analyze each specific job so as to find the most efficient and cost-effective method that will save time and minimize effort. You know that saving time and effort cannot be accomplished in a better way than building an app.

Along that line, you need us because;

Ø  We can assist you to increase the frequency of your orders and sales by means of the app.

Ø  We will build in your app ways to improve customer loyalty.

Ø  Apps we build for you will keep you on top of your game and in control of your business's internal environment and touch with its external environment.

Yet, we are not limited in how we seek to understand your business. When you contact us, we will come prepared with progressive suggestions and with an open mind to accommodate your specific needs and desires. We can thus foster a better business relationship based on understanding.

We have built the following into apps for our happy clients;

F Full Brand Control: Brand consistency is guaranteed. We will pull business information, alias, logos, images, and color schemes from your social media page and website or other sources. You don’t have to dig for hex codes and enter such manually.

F Calendar and Booking System: Your users will be kept in the loop and have their attendance improved as events are added to your in-app calendar. Any of them can RSVP for events and them to their calendars, or even create reminders.

F Rich Media: You will be adding new content and media regularly to boost engagement with your businesses. You may create and upload image galleries, upload audio and videos, stream audio and videos, and connect your blog.

F Drag and Drop App Builder: We can build your app to enable users to simply add, remove, and edit the app’s preferences, texts, media, and other features with just a simple drag and drop app builder.

F Loyalty Program: If it’s compatible with your business operations, the app can reward customers or clients by means of special offers and bonuses using something like stamp cards, coupons, check-ins, or in-app QR codes.

F Online Payments: We build apps that facilitate one-click payment and with the ability to add categorized listings as much needed to make it easy to specify orders and payment options.

F Push Notifications and Messaging: We build apps that can trigger notifications and messages sent based on customers' and users' locations, times, and segments, choices, and so on. Such notifications can contain discounts, special offers, updates, and a lot more.

F Social Media Integration: Your apps will be built to increase users’ engagement with your brand by means of social media integrations. Without leaving your app, users can access your business Facebook and Twitter pages.

F GEO Listings: Using your app, you can connect people with businesses, places, and things. Using GEO listings, your users can add and search for GEO-tagged businesses, properties, and vehicles and so much more.


And we can do the same and so much more for you if that's what makes you happy and makes your business thriving.


Maybe you are pressed for time such that you are unable to create your app yourself. No stress! Mikevicone will do that for you. Both android and iOS apps will cost you a fraction of what most developers will do for you if we do it for you.

Process Summary

Design stage: Our team of experts will work with you, so that you can discuss your app's requirements in detail.

Build: Working with your requirement, we will build the app to your specifications while you focus on your key business until we will deliver.

Modification: The app will be taken to you for your company to analyze whether it fits your need. While don’t envisage any dissatisfaction, we can always modify if there’s anything not well understood.

Launching: When you are finally happy with your app, our developer will get it live and ready for your customer.

Update: This can also be a part of the terms and so will continue to update it based on users' experience, the organization's needs, and other developments.

Contact us here for the development of your android and iOS needs. We will use the best frameworks and libraries for cross-platform Android and iOS apps for you. 

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