At Mikevicone Innovation, we take delight in putting smiles on the faces of fellow professionals in the world of IT. Our style of engagement is flexible, perfectly tailored to the client's specific needs, challenges and goals. We are simply the best when it comes to offering consultancy services as you would see if you Talk to us today.



We stop at nothing, leaving no stone unturned, in ensuring that your new or existing business has the right IT tools for all business dealings. Our professional support takes businesses through all the processes to the desired heights and beyond. The knowledge we have gained from experience is shared with our clients who elect our consultancy services.


Advisory Service

If your company has acquired your own solution from the ground up, good for you. However, you may need some assistance and a bit of strategic guidance to set up more complex functionality. For example, we offer coaching and other technical assistance in setting up add-on apps and websites.

If you need long-term support, you can call our expert to work with your team within the timeline agreed upon.

Design and Build

For our clients who need to put a process in place but don’t have the skill set or time to accomplish the project in-house, we have happy to provide support. Mikevicone’s consultancy services extend to full designing and building if that is what a client need. We have a dedicated consultancy team that will work with the internal stakeholders so that an integrated solution can be built to manage the work.

You can leverage our extensive experience to get a solution that is custom-tailored to your needs. The deliverables expected, such as the tracking and processing of the system made with the tailored dashboard for all users will be seen within a very short time.

Team Management and Building

Mikevicone’s consultancy also involves interim management of a team such that each one knows his inputs on the website or the app. That will show how all in the team can assume the management roles in the overall process within the solution for, at least, a set period of time.

An instance of a serious case for this is the organization that has to do a staff audit. Our consultancy services have shown some business owners who thought they have vacancies while they are actually overstaffed. In a few other cases, some have been unable to make operational transformations because they lack skilled personnel in certain critical areas.

Our solution will show you how you can access interim services that can keep can providing you operational continuity while you are looking to fill the vacancy or while you determine if you ever need to do so

Training Program

You can help your team to develop and improve on skills and operational efficiencies they need to use in advancing the goal of your organization through the adopted technology tools. Our training program can center on the general operation or specific solution. It can be done in person or virtually. The virtual training can be real-time or recorded for training new entrance or for future reference.  


As an expert in both business and technology, we have been aligning technology and business goals so as to start or remain focused in efforts concentrated on IT initiatives and how they benefit businesses. We are happy to help to shape and execute several IT strategies.

Our perspective and pragmatism have impressed and earned for us the trust of our clients to help define how they can support and drive their business deliverables.


Trust us with IT strategic planning which should clearly show the organization what the future holds. Together we can work out the IT roadmaps, business case development, IT governance and processes, industry-leading and practice and benchmarks, application, data/network architecture, and vendor selection among others.

Trust us with strategy alignment workshops. If you do, we would interview key stakeholders so that we both can better decipher the alignment or nonalignment of departmental goals and desired projects with corporate strategy. This will chart the course for the cross-functional strategy alignment workshops which focus on the technology landscape, departmental goals and desired projects, process improvements, project roadmap development, and sustainability, among others.

Trust us with IT budgeting and resource planning to see how the strategy should be in tandem with your organization's long-term plans, technology, and budgets. All these will ensure that you meet your objectives and financial targets. As consultants, we will work with you on IT spending, IT organizational model and structure, technology capabilities and systems, cloud versus on-premise decision matrix, integration architecture, and so on.

Since knowledge is power, partner with us and let us be your consultant so that you can increase your business knowledge base and improve your ways of doing business.


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