The desire to serve and please humanity is motivating businesses to explore new sales and marketing frontiers. Gone are those days where you find just one or two computers in a company of 25 staff. New tech gadgets and computers are now solving everyday problems, handling and simplifying tasks. All organizations (profit and non-profit) and individuals are now working smartly using computers.

We love these gadgets and computerized tools and we think they should help to save time in handling business functions. Since you'd never wanted to be left behind, you have decided to increase the use of computers in your work stations.



Mikevicone Innovations is also computer sales, service, and repair business in addition to providing support and competitive products businesses throughout the country and beyond. We are currently servicing about a dozen of companies regularly on this. A countless number of individuals are on our list and can call on us anytime they need new or fairly-used computers, accessories, and related gadgets.

We do not need to explain to anyone anymore what a gadget is. It's a smart device that can perform several functions which otherwise will be more tedious and take more time to perform. While there can be thousands of gadgets performing millions of functions with different methods and processes for use, we try to limit ourselves to the supply of computer and phone accessories and computerized electronics.

So if there's any technical device, including digital technology devices, with better functionality and enhanced possibilities, it's a gadget. You can discuss with us a particular need you have. We will let you know the available devices to handle such and let you know the pros and cons of each device.

To put what we are saying in the right context, you may understand any gadget to be a device whereas it's not each device that can be called a gadget. And some can be seen as a device or gadget depending on how it is used. If you have an instrument or item that you use to perform a task, it's a device. It becomes a gadget if it's used for fun or gratification.

To that extent, an iOS phone can be a device for someone whose employment makes him mobile; and can be a gadget for another user who is a smartphone freak. Similarly, some businesses can invest in an AirBar as a device to be used on laptops to improve interactivity during business meetings on videoconferences and presentations. At the same time, a family with members across different countries may acquire the same as a gadget to be used in organizing a family get-together. The sleek lightweight device or gadget has the basic function of turning your laptop into a touchscreen.

But we are dealing with business people and companies here. We are going to think in terms of devices. After all, you need them to get some works done.


For your desktop and laptop computers of different specs, let's have a chat. Be it Windows or Mac, we know what is good for you based on your job description. If you have specifics in mind, we have it and are ready to supply it. We have a good network of supplies that gives us the chance of waybill without stress.


To better enjoy your PC, you need a lot of devices and accessories that may not by default come with the computer. The simple fact is that the list of accessories is endless. It mostly depends on your needs and how you want to achieve.

Some are designed to enhance the function of your PC while others are simply for packaging.

You will be surprised to learn that there are gadgets and accessories for almost anything you want to do and to make them. They can make your use of PC or cellphone posher.

We can't resist the urge to reel them out.



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