What Is ERP and Why Do You Need It?

As the management of a company start to observe that the need of their company is changing due to expansion and diversification, market behavior, and other reasons, they must have their system kept up with the change. ERP can be the smart way to look to in order to track such changes.

 What is ERP?

ERP, in full form, Enterprise Resource Planning, is a business process software used in managing and integrating all activities of an organization. It is used in managing financials, human resources, manufacturing, operations, reporting, supply chain, and all others.

Our findings at Mikevicone reveals that most organizations have what can be considered some kind of finance and operational system. However, most of such software are unable to capture business processes outside everyday activities and cannot help in planning for the future growth of the business. You can learn more about this here.

 History of ERP

As earlier observed, there had been accounting, finance, and HR process being in use for a long. The challenge we have seen here is that these software systems worked separately and didn’t communicate. Hence the search began for how all systems within the same organization can be incorporated into a single solution with different persons having a different level of access and control within the whole system.

The search has since been rewarded with the introduction of enterprise resource planning which is capable of bringing all processes together to facilitate collaboration and the creation of one fluid system. In fact, in current ERP solutions, departments can see what each other is doing. Therefore, departmental plans can easily flow into the whole organizational goals. Marketing, sales, and customer relations can continue where others stop. And all others can feed information into the systems.  

These are what we at Mikevicone have built for our clients and we can do the same for you if you contact us.

 ERP for your business?

Before you decide, we need to tell you that there’s not yet all-up solution software that can take care of all business processes. That’s why you need experts like us to continue to look at whatever hasn’t been captured in your current ERP solution and with a view to improving and expanding the system.


A tip

If the basics are preventing you from growing, you’re coping with disparate systems, or you're unable to meet customers' expectations, you need ERP.


A basis for hope is that ERP is getting better by the day at bringing together all business process so that the company can make an informed decision based on facts and figures scooped from data available in the ERP solution. Let's share with you how we have done and what we can still do for our clients in covering their companies’ functions.

Finance activities

Courtesy modern ERP dashboards, our clients’ companies can have a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly overview of their finances and can thus tap into the real-time information on the go. They also have been helped to reduce or avoid manually entering information by automating daily tasks. They could also track their activities so that they can help their business comply with extant regulations. You can enjoy the same if you contactus.

Human resources management

Deploying modern solutions, we have provided our clients with ways to manage their company data and streamline their employee management tasks such as hiring, evaluating, absenteeism, payroll, and other duties. Tracking employees' performances and identifying HR proactively are also among what our clients enjoy, thanks to the efficient ERP we did for them. If you love to have this, tell us here.

Manufacturing section

ERP supports the manufacturing section to improve business communication and automate daily processes. What we have provided also offers manufacturers the ability to fulfill customer needs and to manage resources since they can access real-time data. Consequently, our clients are generally able to optimize projects and manage costs during production planning.

Supply chain management

Some companies were still entering information by hand and manually tracking down inventory in their warehouse. Our clients have benefited from the ERP we built for them and gone past that. You would save a great deal of time and money when you automate these processes using ERP that we can build for you. There are dashboards and business intelligence in modern solutions that can assist businesses in handling inventory and supply chains.



 Causes for concern

Many businesses are aware of the potentials for their company if they use ERP, yet they are still hesitating. Why they fear they might choose just the wrong ERP solution for their businesses. Others nurse the fear that some solutions may be too complex for their organization to cope with.

The truth is that there's no ready-made perfect solution that fixes everything anywhere. It depends on your IT partner. A good ERP will be able to make the best of the business process you currently have and combine incorporate them into a system that will still enable your company to access the same information, provided you have the right technology partner like Mikevicone.

Others are also worried about losing the system they are currently using.  If you get it right and from the right source, the ERP solution to be acquired should work with what you now have. It will just add features that will enhance the future growth of your company.

Let’s say, for instance, you already have the software that handles financial, manufacturing, and supply chain. The addition of a solution that injects a business intelligent component into that will not disrupt anything. It will rather be an enhancement. 

If there's a concern at any quarter about an ERP change, you can call for a demo and see how it works and the benefits lying inside there. When everyone feels and tastes it, it’s easier to decide in ERP’s favor.


For your ERP need and more details, you can contact Mikevicone Innovations here in need of a partner. 

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